Metal Earth
A wide variety of models for you to put together, everything from the white house to Optimus Prime. They come as flat sheets of metal, just pop out the pieces, fold them, and put them together.
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Russian Nesting Dolls
Hand made in Russia, no two are exactly alike.
Action Figures
Both DC and Marvel figures, plus a few others. A variaty of 2in. lead figures and 6-8in action figures.
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Stuffed Animals
We have a huge selection of plush animals. Folkmanis some of the best quality puppets, Jellycat the softest plush out there, and the largest selection of alligator stuffed animals in the French Quarter.
Madame Alexander
Collectible Dolls and Baby Dolls
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Metal Soldiers
Extremely detailed metal figures that are hand painted. Figures range from the Napoleonic era to modern day and everything in-between.
Hand painted ceramic figures made in California.
Model Cars
Mustangs, Corvets, VW Beatles, F-100s, Chevy Impalas, School Busses, Chevy Bel Airs, Cop Cars, Dump Trucks, Limos, and so much more.
A wide variety of children's books, many of which are New Orleans or cajan themed.